"Get Ripped In 6"
Weight Loss & Fitness Program
Individualized help from personal trainers to ensure you're doing everything right to get the fastest results.
Get unbelievable results in just 180 minutes per week  - no need to spend all your free time in the gym. 

Trisha DeHall, 5 Time National Bodybuilding Champion

Trisha is a Master Certified Personal Trainer, Certified In  Functional Training and an Anti Aging Specialist. She also has a Master's in Nutrition.

Rick Spottz, Master Certified Personal Trainer

Rick is also a certified Functional Fitness Trainer and an Anti-Aging Specialist.
Finally A Successful Weight loss & Fitness Program Built Just For Men
This is a complete 6 week comprehensive program
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Rick Spottz & Trisha DeHall
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100% Guaranteed
If you are not 100% happy with your results we will refund every cent, and that's a promise.
Complete Workouts 
Our team Is Ready To Provide you with the best State Of The Art training techniques that provide the fastest results. 
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